Best Powerlifting Gear- For Raw & Single Ply!

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For those that aren’t familiar with powerlifting; it’s performing the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

In competition it’s done for a 1 rep max for each lift and by adding your final lifts for all three exercises you get a total.

There is raw lifting and equipped lifting. I will be discussing these two options when it comes to powerlifting from my perspective.

By no means am I claiming to be an expert on powerlifting or lifting in general. I have been strength training for about 5+ years mostly raw, using a belt and wrist wraps, but didn’t start wearing knee sleeves until I had been lifting for a couple years.

I recently have become interested in single ply equipped lifting and got geared up: suits, shirt, and wraps. I love it!

I still train raw along with using my gear. It seems the stronger my raw lifts are and the better my technique in the gear gets I will improve in both aspects of lifting at the same time.

I do want to compete at some point and plan to make that happen soon.

Everybody has their own opinion on lifting styles and what’s best.

I am not here to do that.

I am simply saying that there are different ways to enjoy the sport of powerlifting and that is what I plan to discuss here.

Raw Lifting

Raw powerlifting goes back decades and seems to be most popular today.

This is when a lifter performs the squat, bench press, and deadlift with very little to no supportive gear. When you lift in a raw powerlifting competition you are allowed to use basic lifting gear.

Such as:

  • Belt
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Knee Sleeves
  • Non-supportive Singlet

When lifting raw you basically don’t need to wear any of these except the singlet, but they do help support and assist at a minimal level.

There are many powerlifting federations that have different rules when it comes to the lifts and the specifications of your gear(belt, wraps, sleeves, singlet, etc.). This is up to the lifter to know before scheduling a competition to be prepared.

SBD and Titan are the two most popular brands that are IPF approved and most widely accepted in competitions.

Raw lifting is very popular and truly displays brute strength and power.

Over time as your strength and technique improve through practice and patience you can become world-class strong.

If you’re in need of any lifting gear for your training or competition check out Anderson Powerlifting.

Single Ply Gear

I really enjoy lifting in single ply gear!

It is challenging in its own way and a great way for me to get overload and a feel for heavier weight.

I got my gear from Anderson Powerlifting and they were super helpful with breaking down the fit, feel, and what to expect.

What I use:

  • Titan Centurian Single Ply Squat Suit
  • Titan F6 Single Ply Bench Shirt
  • Titan Velocity Single Ply Deadlift Suit
  • Titan Titanium Wrist/ Knee Wraps
  • Titan Brahma Single Prong Belt
  • SBD Lever Belt

I use Titan gear mainly because it’s all IPF approved; meaning it is held to the highest standard for competition and can be used at any/ all single ply meets.

If you are interested in geared lifting check out Anderson Powerlifting.

I think there is a misconception that if you lift in gear, the gear does all the work.

The gear does help a lot with support and rebound, but there is a point were you still need to be strong. You still need to learn how to properly perform the lift to get the most out of your gear and that takes practice to learn.

Strength is mental and muscle, if you feel something heavy and don’t know what to do, you can get seriously hurt. So, its recommended that you have some kind of base strength before jumping into gear.

Powerlifting Equipment

Powerlifting is a great sport and has become a big part of my life.

I am fortunate that I can train at home in my home gym as often as I want to practice. Having a home gym is one of the best personal investments you can make.

I’m not saying it’s not a good idea to find a good powerlifting gym with other like-minded and focused people, but for me that really isn’t an option.

Some of the best places to get good equipment:

  1. Rogue Fitness
  2. EliteFTS
  3. Amazon
  4. Westside Barbell

The equipment I use is from a combination of these suppliers, but Rogue Fitness has awesome quality top-notch equipment made for the strongest athletes in the world and built to last!

If you’re looking to get really strong you don’t want crappy equipment breaking down risking you injury. Plus, if you buy well-built equipment the first time it will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to buy again!

Invest in yourself!

Check out my Fitness and Nutrition Products to help with setting up your home gym.

Powerlifting Apparel & Essentials

In powerlifting there are many great tools that can add variety and improve your lifting. Everyone is different when it comes to what works best or will give the best results.

Regardless, it takes dedication and hard work combined with discipline to accomplish goals and set new standards.

At some point you will want/ need to get certain essentials to get the most out of your training. This can be simply by helping with adding variety to keep training fresh and fun.

Here are some extra essentials that may come in handy:

  • Chalk
  • Shoes
  • Knee/ Elbow Sleeves
  • Wrist/ Knee Wraps
  • Shirts, Shorts, Socks
  • Gym Bags
  • Deadlift Jack
  • Boards
  • Bands
  • Chains
  • Ammonia
  • Straps
  • Suit Slip Ons
  • Bar Collar Locks
  • Foam Roller

Go to Anderson Powerlifting for all your apparel and essentials.

Overtime many powerlifting essentials can and will help training run a little smoother. When you spend hours, months, and years dedicating yourself to lifting you will find that if the smallest tool can help you train better you will be interested to see how.

The Powerlifting Community is Awesome!

I personally have a lot to learn and I am still trying to figure out the best technique for me by getting stronger, improving mobility, and consistently researching and studying the best quality lifting content I can find based on my needs.

This is a never ending process!

There is a lot of great information when it comes to training and improving body mechanics for learning proper lifting technique.

I think that the powerlifting community has many brilliant and wise lifters/ coaches giving out excellent info like:

  • Chris Duffin
  • Louie Simmons
  • Mark Bell
  • Josh Bryant
  • Dave Tate & EliteFTS
  • Donnie Thompson
  • Mike Tuchscherer
  • Greg Nuckols
  • Many others!

I thank you all for your great content and helping the powerlifting community grow and become what it is!

The duty of the lifter is to find what works for yourself and apply small changes overtime. That is a part of the journey, always being open to learning and trying to improve at any means necessary.

Powerlifting is awesome because it really challenges you physically and mentally and this can carryover to your everyday life giving you strength to take on whatever life throws your way.

Get Strong and Be Brave!!

If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave it below.

The Question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.-Ayn Rand

All the best,




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Marcus is a man of God, married to a wonderful women and has 4 children. He is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and aspiring Powerlifter. He has a passion for helping others achieve personal growth through a healthy fitness and nutrition based lifestyle. With hard work and dedication anything is possible. God bless

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