Rogue Multi Grip Bar – Increase Your Pressing Strength!

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Rogue Fitness has constructed one of the highest quality built Multi Grip Bars available for helping you develop great pressing strength!

The Rogue Multi Grip Bar is highly versatile and great for increasing explosive power through a variety of fully functional pressing exercises that will help you build impressive upper-body strength.

When you give the Rogue Multi Grip Bar a try you will feel the finest quality in your hands and that alone will boost your momentum in itself!


  • Made in the USA
  • Fully Welded Multi-Grip w/ Knurled Handles
  • Rackable on most standard power racks
  • Weight: 39 lbs
  • Length: 82″
  • Rated: 4.5/5
  • Price: $275

Multi Grip Bar Benefits

The Rogue Multi Grip Bar helps to reduce stress on the shoulders and allows for variety in training. A Multi Grip Bar is a must have in your tool box of muscle and strength builders.

With three sets of parallel handles to choose from, the Multi Grip Bar offers many options from dynamic to maximal training, and many assistance exercises providing a different stimulus to help push through plateaus and achieve new PR’s!



  • Help protect shoulders by keeping them in the safest pressing position.
  • Offers a variety of functional exercises.
  • Great for introducing new stimulus to your training program.
  • Used by top athletes and fitness enthusiasts at any level.
  • High quality built in the USA!

Multi Grip Bar Exercises

Give the Rogue Multi Grip Bar a try and you can experience the many great exercises that will lead you to bigger muscles and greater strength!

Some of the BEST exercises to use the Multi Grip Bar for:

TOP 10

  1. Bench Press
  2. Pin Press
  3. Floor Press
  4. Shoulder Press
  5. Incline Press
  6. JM Press
  7. Triceps Extensions varieties
  8. Hammer curls
  9. Rows
  10. Neutral Grip Pull Ups- Lay it across the top of your rack.
  11. <Bonus>- Clean & Press

I’m sure once you get the Rogue Multi Grip bar you will find that you can do more than you realized.

Using a standard barbell is great for 80% of the time especially if you’re prepping for a competition, but it’s nice to have other options that actually work and give you a variety of exercises that may increase your pressing strength while keeping your shoulders healthy.

 Biceps/ Triceps Workouts- SuperSets

Supersets help you get the most out of your time so you can build a tremendous amount of muscle fast!

Some great ways to use the Rogue Multi Grip Bar for supersets are:

  • Hammer Curls–superseted–Triceps Extension
  • Hammer Curls–superseted–Skull Crushers
  • Hammer Curls–superseted–JM Press

These are 3 great superset workouts you can do using all three sets of handles on the Rogue Multi Grip Bar that will completely take your arms to a new level!

Do 4-8 sets of 8-12 reps with a moderate to heavy weight. Give it a try, start light and slowly add weight over time and you will have the huge arms you always wanted!

Get Strong Arms

If you want strong arms you need to train with a plan that will help you achieve that goal!

To get strong arms you have to build your triceps because it is the biggest muscle in your arm.

Also, you can give your biceps plenty of action with this bar. The Rogue Multi Grip Bar is perfect for building your arms bigger, stronger, and faster!

You will be able to build very strong arms through the variety of exercises that the Multi Grip Bar can offer, especially if you’re running a good strength training program with the right assistance exercises that help you increase your main compound pressing movements.

You Need the Rogue Multi Grip Bar!


The Rogue Multi Grip Bar is great for your main pressing movements and offers variety of specialty assistance exercises that can help build your pressing strength.

If you are looking to add variety and a new stimulus to your training program while reducing the stress to your shoulders then you need the Rogue Multi Grip Bar ASAP!

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What are you currently doing to improve your pressing power and is it working for you?

If you have any questions or comments leave them below.

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