Top Set Powerlifting Training- Raw & Equipped- Week 10

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This week I felt very productive and efficient. I was able to get through each workout feeling challenged, but not to the point where I had nothing left.

My energy levels are feeling high and I’m sure it’s due to consistent nutrition and rest. Also, plenty of coffee! My bodyweight is between 195-197lbs from day-to-day and I’m feeling strong. I have no plan to lose weight nor am I cutting, but if I drop a pound here or there and I am not losing any strength because of it, I’m cool with it. It is possible to lose weight while still gaining muscle and strength.

My body is feeling recovered by each new training day and my shoulder feels way better since taking out the incline bench press. Sometimes when you’re doing a variety of exercises it’s harder to pin point what exact exercise is hurting more than helping and now I know. I will probably still incorporate them back in at some point, but for no more than a 3-week block at a time with no other highly demanding front delt exercises like dips.

It’s important to work on weaknesses, but more importantly is to work on technique in your main movements to make them more efficient.

Week 10

Day 1- 9/4/18

  • Squat-Single Ply Suit: 455×1,1
  • Bench Press-Pause: 260×1
  • Bench Press-Pause: 225×3, 230×3, 235×3
  • Deadlift-Sumo Deficit: 395×2,2,2,2
  • Bench Press-3 Sec Pause: 225×1, 235×1, 245×1
  • Sit Rows: 170×10,10,8
  • Leg Extensions-Superset-Leg Curls: 110×8,8,8

Note: Equipped squat felt decent, still playing around with my positioning to see what feels best. Bench press moved well. Still need to work on getting tighter and bringing my chest to the bar. Overall a good session!

Day 2- 9/5/18

  • Bench Press-Single Ply Shirt: 300×1,1
  • Squat: 365×1
  • Squat: 325×3, 335×3, 345×3
  • Bench Press-2 Board: 245×5, 250×5, 255×3
  • Goodmornings-Safety Squat Bar: 245×5,5,5
  • Chest Supported Row: 60’sx8,8,8
  • Hammer Curls-Superset-Triceps Extensions: 40’sx12,12,12

Note: Equipped bench press felt good, heavy but doable. Squat went alright, trying to work up each week with triples. Bench press with the 2 board was heavy for some reason, but I like them. These are great for getting in overload and added volume. Goodmornings felt better this week; I didn’t feel crazy sore the next day. I really like goodmornings with the SSB for building strength and stability in the back, trunk, and posterior.

Day 3- 9/7/18

  • Deadlift-Single Ply Suit: 485×1, 515×1
  • Bench Press-Pause: 250×1, 260×1
  • Bench Press-Pause: 215×5,5, 220×5
  • Box Squat-Safety Squat Bar: 285×5,5,5
  • Bench Press-Wide Feet Up: 205×5, 210×5,5
  • Lat Pulldown: 150×10,10,10
  • Leg Extensions-Superset-Leg Curls: 110×8,8,8

Note: Equipped deadlift felt smooth. Hit a PR with 515 with no issues. I think I got a nice carryover from the block pulls last training block because lockout has seemed to improve. Bench felt so-so still need to figure some things out with my set-up because I still can’t get tight enough off the chest. Box squat is feeling good. I will keep at it.

Day 4- 9/8/18

  • Squat: 365×1, 380×1, 390×1
  • Squat: 325×5
  • Bench Press-Close Grip Slingshot: 210+mini bandsx1, 230+mini bandsx1
  • Bench Press-Close Grip Slingshot: 210+mini bandsx3,3
  • Squat-Pause: 305×4,4,4
  • Bench Press-Close Grip: 210×5,5,5
  • Rear Delts: 40’sx12,12,12
  • Curls-Superset-Triceps Extensions: 40’sx10,10,10

Note: Squat moved ok. Since moving my stance out a little, I do feel more stable. Bench went good, bands are tough, but I like them for the overload on both eccentric and concentric part of the movement with the added stability factor. Pause squats are a keeper because they teach you to stay tight and explode out of the bottom of the squat. Also, it helps with finding the proper positioning of the body to overcome a static position.

Positive Mindset Makes a Difference!

Going into a training session with a positive attitude can make a big difference in performance. Remembering what is driving you to perform in the first place helps with gaining focus. I enjoy lifting weights and even more is that I enjoy strength training specifically powerlifting, so being able to measure my accomplishments through the creation of my own programming and becoming stronger physically and mentally is awesome! To get a better understanding of my programming, check out What is Strength and Power?-Mind and Muscle!

Motivation comes and goes, but having a positive mindset helps to get the most out of each training session. Strength is measurable and with more strength gained the desire to see how strong I can get grows.

My plan for next week’s morning workouts are:

  1. Abs
  2. Kettlebell Swings
  3. Banded Triceps Extensions
  4. Kettlebell Snatch

I have noticed a gain in added stability by doing more abdominal work weekly. I have a great selection of some of the best ab exercises to do for strength athletes that have really helped me become more stable. Also, I can’t say enough about how effective kettlebells are with helping gain mobility and strength. There are many full body kettlebell exercises that will build endurance, flexibility, muscle, and strength at the same time. I don’t do much cardio or conditioning other than kettlebell training right now.

Until next time, Keep Pushing!

If you have any questions or comments leave them below.

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Marcus is a man of God, married to a wonderful women and has 4 children. He is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and aspiring Powerlifter. He has a passion for helping others achieve personal growth through a healthy fitness and nutrition based lifestyle. With hard work and dedication anything is possible. God bless

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