Top Set Powerlifting Training- Raw & Equipped- Week 4

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Week 4 went well. I’m feeling confident in my decisions with my programming. The 4 days a week training seems to be going in the right direction; intensity is increasing while still maintaining a decent amount of volume.

I base my volume off of Prilepin’s Chart. I prioritize my lifts for each training session and work through various intensities and rep ranges. Each week the plan is to build strength and improve technique. It seems for me, I need to work in the higher intensity ranges regularly to understand better what I need to work on because in lower intensity ranges I can get away with inefficient technique and just muscle through it. I have a lot to improve on and over-time certain ideas and concepts may change.

Also, I am trying to put on more muscle through added volume and consistent nutrition and recovery methods. My focus areas for muscle growth are:

  1. Upper-back
  2. Triceps
  3. Pecs
  4. Hamstrings
  5. Glutes
  6. Quads


Day 1- 7/23/18

  • Squat-Single Ply Suit with Wraps: 445×1,1,1,1
  • Bench Press-Pause: 255×1,1,1,
  • Bench Press: 225×3,3,3,3,3
  • Deadlift-Sumo Pause: 395×3,3,3,3,3
  • Bench Press-Wide Feet-up: 200×5,5,5
  • Sit Rows: 130×12,12,12,12

Note: Squat felt off. I wasn’t bracing properly; I need to pull ribs down and not over-extend. Bench press felt good, but in video it seemed like my butt kept coming off the bench. Deadlift felt easy, just couldn’t find the right position. I think more than anything mentally I was rattled. Also, I need to make sure I don’t eat for at least an hour before training for better energy. It seems that eating to close to training makes me mad tired. No Bueno!

Day 2- 7/24/18

  • Bench Press-Single Ply Shirt: 290×1,1,1,1
  • Squat: 370×1,1
  • Squat: 330×3,3,3,3,3
  • Floor Press: 230×5,5,5
  • Romanian Deadlift- Snatch Grip: 305×5,5,5
  • Chest Supported Row: 50’sx10,10,10,10

Note: Bench press felt strong! Same issue with squat, but at this point in the week it was kinda clicking on what I needed to change.

Day 3- 7/26/18

  • Deadlift-Sumo Single Ply Suit: 485×1,1,1,1
  • Bench Press-Pause: 255×1
  • Bench Press-2 board: 235×6,6,6
  • Box Squat-SS Bar: 275×5,5,5
  • Bench Press-Spoto: 215×5,5,5
  • Lat Pulldown: 140×10,11,12,13

Note: Deadlift felt good; need to get tighter and be more patient. Bench press felt good, but rushed the pause a bit on the top set.

Day 4- 7/27/18

  • Squat: 370×1,1,1,1
  • Bench Press-Close grip Slingshot: 280×1,1
  • Bench Press-Close Grip Slingshot: 235×5,5,5
  • Goodmornings-SS Bar: 255×5,5,5
  • Bench Press-Incline Close Grip: 175×5,5,5
  • Rear Delts: 30’sx10,11,12,14+10

Note: Squat was feeling better, still needs work though. Bench press felt good, but the slingshot feels a little awkward sometimes. Doing goodmornings in my squat stance to build the posterior up and the SS Bar really challenges the upper-back.

On to the Next!

All-in-all not a bad week for training. Life is good, I’m having fun and learning more about myself mentally and physically with the understanding that the progress I want isn’t going to happen overnight. I will keep putting in the work, I’m focused!

My plan for this week:

  1. Continue to work on getting better sleep.
  2. 300 leg extensions a week.
  3. 50 kettlebell swings a day.
  4. Adding in ab pulldowns to my warm-ups.
  5. 300 tricep extensions a week.

I am still really enjoying training in the single-ply gear. None of my gear is so tight that I need help getting it on or off, so training alone is not an issue. The plan is to build muscle, increase my raw lift numbers, and keep practicing in my gear at the same time. Right now I feel like they are complimenting each other. Training in gear is exciting!

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.-Robert Louis Stevenson


Peace & blessings,





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Marcus is a man of God, married to a wonderful women and has 4 children. He is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and aspiring Powerlifter. He has a passion for helping others achieve personal growth through a healthy fitness and nutrition based lifestyle. With hard work and dedication anything is possible. God bless

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